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A full list of available miscellaneous papers may be requested, please contact Samantha Edelheit. A few sample publications are below.

Karl Eduard von Martens (1831-1904): His Life and Works
Alan R. Kabat & Kenneth J. Boss

Handsomely bound in dark green buckram, this octavo Volume of over 400 pages delineates the life and scientific contributions of Karl Eduard von Martens (1831-1904) the noted German zoologist whose research centered on mollusks. A biogeographical sketch is provided; his professional career (from 1855 onwards) was spent at the Zoologisches Museum Berlin. The first complete bibliography of his publications is here included. Martens described some 155 genera (150 molluscan) and almost 1,800 species (circa 1,680 mollusks, 39 crustaceans, 50 echinoderms, 9 in other animal groups); a full catalogue with subsequent references of note completes this work.

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The Recent Mollusca of Augusta Addison Gould

R.I. Johnson

This study is an attempt to bring together the original references to all the Recent molluks described by Augustus Addison Gould, to locate as many of the type specimens as possible, and to figure all types previously unfigured, selecting lectotypes when required.

  • Order price is US $35.00 for soft cover or US $50.00 for hard cover plus shipping and handling (US $5.00).