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Mammalogy Department

The MCZ Mammalogy Department/Collection is stored in three locations. The majority of the specimens have been recently moved to a new facility next to the historic MCZ in the Northwest Building, Room B215.30. Fluid specimens are housed in the MCZ Shared Fluid Facility on level G within the MCZ Ichthyology Department. Finally, our Cetacean material are housed at the Concord Field Station, along with our mammal preparation facility and dermestid beetle colony.

The collection represents an important resource for research in organismic and evolutionary biology. An average of 350 scientists use the collection every year to undertake diverse studies in evolution, biomechanics, ecology, anatomy, zoogeography, systematics, zooarchaeology, taxonomy, anthropology, conservation, medicine, and health and safety. Over 50 loans per year are sent to researchers who are unable to visit or need to use specimens for extended periods of time (see Loan Policy).

The mammalogy collection is available for research, educational, and exhibition purposes. To use the collection, contact the Curatorial Associate, Judy Chupasko. Please inform us of your plans at least two weeks prior to arrival so that we can better assist you.

The Department is open to visitors Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.