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Sample Citations for the Literature Cited Section


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Article in a Book

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Journal Article

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Dissertation or Thesis

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Volume from a Book Series

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Text Figures, Plates, and Maps

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Published by Institutions

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Sample Citations Within Text

For comparisons and future phylogenetic studies species sequences were submitted to GenBank ( and are available under accession numbers C. setipes (Bandala 4085) JF930643, C. setipes (Bandala 4031) JF930641 and C. podocarpi (Bandala 4333) JF930647. .

Superscripts in Author Affiliations

Use superscripted numbers to match individual authors with their corresponding affiliations.

Affiliation superscripts for multiple authors go outside the comma after the author's name, with no space between the comma and the first superscript. Multiple superscripts after an individual author's name are separated by commas but not spaces and not as ranges: A. E. Mendez,1,2,3 Josia Quincy,2,4 and Ezra Spike4. The superscript numbers for the affiliatioin are roman and are placed (raised) before the first word of the affiliation.