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Shared-Use Facilities

The MCZ has several available facilities that support museum research and collection use including the Digital Imaging Facility in the MCZ Labs building and a Micro-CT Scanning Facility in the Laboratory for Integrated Science and Engineering (LISE).

Digital Imaging Facility

The DIF consists of a micro-CT system, digital X-ray system, automontage system, and digital photography station with copystand and camera.

The digital X-ray is capable of quickly producing images of internal structures of specimens, with good resolution and minimal background noise. The Keyence digital microscope system combines focal plane reconstruction with a suite of powerful image analysis functions. The digital photography station is useful for a broad range of applications with larger specimens.The micro-CT system is a powerful tool for three-dimensional imaging, analysis and characterization of biological specimens.

The facility is open to MCZ researchers and staff upon the completion of training. For the Keyence digital microscope and the photo station, outside users may be sponsored and supervised by an MCZ lab or department, and must be accompanied by trained MCZ personnel to use the equipment.  MCZ users have first priority on use of the equipment.

For more on the DIF usage policies

Micro-CT Scan Facility at LISE

This micro-CT scanner is managed by the Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS) located at the Laboratory for Integrated Science and Engineering (LISE). Use of the scanner facility requires registering and training with CNS.

For MCZ users that plan to examine specimens housed in ethanol, please be familiar with the ethanol safety recommendations from the LISE Building Safety Officer.