Twenty years of the MCZ with James Hanken

August 10, 2021
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Listen to Twenty years of the MCZ with James Hanken, outgoing Director of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, the latest podcast from the Harvard Museums of Science & Culture

In HMSC Connects! podcasts, Jennifer Berglund goes behind the scenes of four Harvard museums to explore the connections between us, our big, beautiful world, and even what lies beyond. This week Jennifer Berglund is speaking with James Hanken, Professor of Biology at Harvard University and outgoing Director and Curator of Herpetology at the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology. Jennifer speaks with Professor Hanken about his fascination with natural history from a young age in Queens, NY, his choice between a career in nature photography and academia, seeing the potential in renovating the collections, and the joy of watching vultures create a home in his garage during the pandemic. 

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