Cyrus Green

Cyrus Green

Invertebrate Paleontology Technician and Preparator
photo of Cyrus Green

Cyrus is a paleontologist who has dug fossils throughout North America. Cyrus earned an MS in paleontology from Fort Hays State University in Kansas studying the growth rates of basal mosasaurids. Afterwards he received a scholarship from the National Council for Preservation Education and spent six months at the Tate Museum in Casper, WY acquiring fossils in the field, preparing fossils in the lab, and updating the fossil collections. Before coming to the MCZ, he spent time as a Geoscientist-in-the-Park in White Sands National Park in New Mexico, documenting and preserving Pleistocene mammal tracks. Cyrus came to the MCZ in 2019 and spent three years as a curatorial assistant in both vertebrate and invertebrate paleontology collections. In his current role, Cyrus is interested in how CT scanners and other modern preparation techniques aid in understanding the lives of ancient animals.

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Northwest Building
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Cambridge, MA 02138

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