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BrewsterSarah Kocher, postdoctoral researcher in the Pierce Lab, discusses the costs and rewards of eusociality in insects in a recent paper published in Ecology Letters. Read more about the research in the Harvard Gazette (December 10, 2014).

The Ernst Mayr Library has embarked on a project using crowdsourcing to transcribe William Brewster's journals into a searchable digital format. Read more about the project in the Harvard Gazette (December 5, 2014).


Research by Yoel Stuart, former graduate student in the Losos Lab, describes rapid evolution of toe pads in green anoles in the October 24 issue of Science. Read more about the study in the Harvard Gazette.

Birds on Display

The Harvard Gazette story, "Birds everywhere," announces the new exhibit at the Museum of Comparative Zoology, where its vast collections—some 350,000 bird specimens—have been cleaned and showcased in all their variety and splendor for the public.


Maude Baldwin, graduate student in the Edwards Lab, is the first co-author of a paper published in Science on the evolution of taste receptors in hummingbirds. Read more about the study in the Harvard Gazette.

Blaschka Glass Invertebrates

In July, Harvard Magazine and Harvard Gazette highlighted the new permanent exhibit at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. The exhibit showcases more than 50 glass models of marine invertebrates from the collections of the Museum of Comparative Zoology—models crafted by Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka, creators of the famous Glass Flowers.

Hopi Hoekstra-Spark Award

Hopi Hoekstra has been awarded the "Spark Award" from the Women in Science Harvard Radcliffe (WiSHR) for "continually inspiring young women in science." Nominees are chosen by votes from members of the Harvard undergraduate community. WiSHR is a student-run organization for undergraduate women engaged in science at Harvard College.

Martha Munoz

Congratulations to Losos Lab graduate student Martha Munoz, the winner of this year's Raymond B. Huey Award for the Best Student Presentation in the Division of Ecology and Evolution at the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology meetings in Austin.

Early Hind Leg Research

Research on the development of early hind legs by the late Farish A. Jenkins, Jr. and colleagues is described in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study is featured in the Harvard Gazette and The Boston Globe.

Annual Report 2012-13 cover

The 2012-2013 MCZ Annual Report is available to view online.

Evolution Book

The Princeton Guide to Evolution is edited by a distinguished team of evolutionary biologists including Hopi Hoekstra and editor-in-chief Jonathan Losos. This new reference work covers the major subjects and key concepts in evolutionary biology, from genes to mass extinctions and contains over 100 articles.

J Losos

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has released a new short film, The Origin of Species: Lizards in an Evolutionary Tree, featuring Jonathan Losos. Shot on location in the Caribbean, Losos demonstrates the traits that enable dozens of anole species to adapt to different vertical niches in the forest. The film is part of the HHMI Biointeractive series of resources for science teachers and students.