Invertebrate Zoology

The Invertebrate Zoology collection houses recent invertebrates and arachnids, excluding insects and mollusks.

  • cryptocellus

    Cryptocellus sp.

    Hooded Tickspider (Ricinulei) from Panama, MCZ 30915, photo by G. Giribet

  • Invertebrate Zoology Staff

    Invertebrate Zoology Staff, 2015

    (L to R): A. Baldinger, G. Giribet, P. Benson, L. Leibensperger, J.Lenihan, K. Sheridan, Y. Xiao, M. Srivastava, M. Sorce

  • cabinet

    Invertebrate Zoology Cabinet of Curiosity, opened 2017

    Front: A. Jarvis. J. Goldstein, A. Baldinger Back: J.W. Trimble, L. Leibensperger, P. Benson, G. Giribet, K. Sheridan

  • drymusa

    Drymusa sp.

    Spider from South Africa, MCZ 49521, photo by G. Giribet

  • alpheus

    Alpheus sp.

    Snapping shrimp from Panama, MCZ 54939, photo by G. Giribet

  • placobdella

    Placobdella sp.

    Leach on turtle from Massachusetts, MCZ 66870, photo by E. Schuler

  • acoelomorpha

    Hofstenia sp.

    Acoel flatworm from Belize, MCZ 74273, photo by G. Giribet

  • dibunus

    Dibunus sp

    Harvestman from Malaysia, MCZ 141285, photo by G. Giribet

  • scytodidae

    Scytodidae sp.

    Spitting spider from Trinidad and Tobago, MCZ 143969, photo by G. Giribet

  • isopoda

    Paracerceis sp.

    Marine isopod from Bermuda, MCZ 67173, photo by J.W. Trimble

  • parantipathes

    Parantipathes sp.

    Black coral from California, MCZ 145158, photo by A. Jarvis

  • ophiuroidea

    Ophiuridae sp.

    Brittle star from California, MCZ 145161, photo by E. Polka

  • cyamus_boopis

    Cyamus boopis Lutken, 1870

    Whale louse from humpback whale, MCZ 83014, photo by J.W Trimble

  • Astrangia

    Astrangia sp.

    Stony coral fragment from South Carolina, MCZ SCOR-1228, photo by C. Fleming

  • baseodiscus

    Baseodiscus sp.

    Ribbon worm from Spain, MCZ 135319, photo by G. Giribet

  • Squat lobster from near American Samoa, MCZ 153400, photo by J.W. Trimble

    Munida sp.

    Squat lobster from near American Samoa, MCZ 153400, photo by J.W. Trimble