Gonzalo Giribet named director of the MCZ

July 1, 2021
Gonzalo Giribet sitting at a table

We are pleased to welcome the new director of the MCZ, Gonzalo Giribet. James Hanken is stepping down from the role after 20 years during which he was instrumental in modernizing the museum’s collection, teaching and research facilities; overseeing the recruitment of several outstanding faculty-curators; and spearheading several specimen databasing and digital imaging initiatives. We thank him for his passion for and unwavering dedication to the MCZ.  

Gonzalo, MCZ Curator of Invertebrate Zoology and OEB professor, will become the director during his 22nd year at the MCZ. The MCZ is a strong institution, but new challenges continue to emerge and Gonzalo will work to ensure that we continue to grow our impact and accessibility globally while continuing to modernize our collections and work to be more inclusive.