Permissions & Copyright

The Museum of Comparative Zoology encourages the reproduction of museum material in scholarly and general publications as a means of broadening accessibility to researchers and the general public.  The MCZ will cooperate in such projects to the greatest extent allowable with the appropriate permissions.

The MCZ retains the copyright to papers published by the MCZ and to the image of any museum owned material.  Permissions for reproduction of such MCZ materials must be obtained in advance and are for one-time use only.

Ordinarily there is no charge for non-commercial use of such images, such as for a standard scientific publication, but fees are determined solely by the MCZ. A general condition of use is that copies of images and other media, which should include the associated metadata, must be provided to the appropriate MCZ collection department for archiving. The MCZ provides a set of guidelines for all such media use and the associated metadata.

To request permission to use MCZ copyrighted materials, such as photographs, video, and 3D scans taken of a specimen or publication images and figures, please fill out and submit the following form by email to Melissa Aja:

Permission Request to Use MCZ Copyrighted Material

and note the associated Harvard policies:

Policies on Photographic Services and Requests for Reproduction Rights

For artists who are producing a unique work that is based on incorporated objects of MCZ copyrighted material, an addendum broadening the copyright permissions may be considered.  This consideration is determined solely by the MCZ.

Questions can be directed to Melissa Aja